Thursday, February 25, 2016

Electric Meditation

Short post about a (relatively) long piece (it's about 13 minutes).  This is something that was more or less tossed off in a few sessions.  I am, however, proud of it for a couple of reasons.  First, I'm just really happy with how it came out musically, despite the relatively brief recording and mixing time.  Second, two of the voices (four of the five tracks) I developed from scratch using Max/MSP and invested a considerable amount of time in doing so.  This, in turn, is particularly exciting for two reasons:  one, I originally got Max because I wanted to use it to develop sounds and so am very happy finally to be doing so successfully; two, taking those sounds and playing them polyphonically was a bit of an additional educational/technical leap that I also finally succeeding in making.

As I've discussed in previous posts, I am especially interested in the timbral aspects of music and I'm learning that there is an entire class of minimalist music known as "drone" music that much of my taste and output fits into.  As thusly here.

Some quick technical notes:  two voices, a bass based on square waves with duty-cycle sweeps plus a little triangle wave and a midrange based on saws with bandpass sweeps, were constructed in Max/MSP 7.1.  The choir that rides over the top of these is from Logic 9's native sampler, EXS24, and the whole thing was recorded and mixed in Logic.

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