Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Everything and Nothing

"It has been too long since I've posted."  This seems to be the blogger's refrain.  Some of my favorite webcomics regularly -- or at least once in a while -- have posts professing the author's guilt over how long it's been since s/he has produced and shared anything substantially creative.  And I take solace in that fact.

My excuse (today) is that I have so much going on.  I don't mean I'm too busy, although I do have a lot on my non-blogging plate.  No, I mean that I have a bunch of music projects that I've started and am working on more or less regularly, but none are ready.  Not even close, actually.  Still, I'm really excited about all of them:  a choral arrangement (or two) that will incorporate a vocoder, a dance(ish) piece constructed almost entirely from samples of spoken phrases, a new original piece in a minimalist style, and a Tomita-esque (if I may be so bold as to compare myself to the Master) arrangement of three French impressionist piano works (no, not Debussy). I've gotten a couple of dares to do a Pink Floyd cover, too, but that's proving to be very difficult. 

I'm also back to square one (okay, maybe square two) with learning my software.  Along with Logic Pro, I also recently procured a copy of Arturia's Moog Modular V, which is an emulation of the kind of synthesizer that Wendy Carlos used to create Switched-On Bach and the Well-Tempered Synthesizer, to name two of its best known applications.  Between the Moog emulator, the dozens of sophisticated softsynths and effects native to Logic, and Logic itself, I've got a couple of college courses worth of stuff to learn, just to be able to do what I have already envisioned.  By way of comparison, after nearly a year of using Tracktion, I felt like I was only beginning to develop some facility with it.  Logic's learning curve is steeper and higher -- although being more lofty, the climb should be more satisfying.

So, no music from me today.  And honestly, my prime motivation for posting now is really just to keep Google from thinking this is a spam site and shutting me down, like it did once before.  Consider this a keep-alive:  new music is on the way, even if I don't know when it will arrive.

In the meantime, here's a lovely little something that happens to be going through my head right now: